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Best Destinations in Dubai to Makes a Trip a Memorable

Best Destinations in Dubai to Makes a Trip a Memorable


Abu Dhabi, along with Dubai, is the most glamorous city in the United Arab Emirates. Its position on an island in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Central America makes it an appealing destination for adventure activities, water sports, and family fun at its several adventure and theme parks. We look at the famous theme parks on everyone's mind while visiting Abu Dhabi, especially families.

It is situated on Yas Island; Ferrari World is a must-see for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers and even grandparents. It is primarily the park is indoor. Ferrari World is open throughout the week. It features more than 20 educational and thrilling rides and attractions. It also allows for plenty of shopping and experiencing authentic Italian eating. The only time it can be enjoyed outdoors is on the legendary Formula Rossa, the world's fastest rollercoaster. It can go from 0 to the speed of 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds while climbing up to 170-feet. Flying Aces Flying Aces comes with the world's most thrilling rollercoaster. It requires you to climb 206 feet at a 51-degree angle and enjoy the thrill. It's a Tyre Change Experience test if you can keep up with the speed that F1 pit crews by using the Turbo Track offer and a zero-gravity slide. If you want to experience a more relaxing ride, look at the Bell' Italia experience, which is a trip around miniature Italy in the classic Ferrari 250 California, circa 1958. The ride will take you through iconic Italian landmarks, including Amalfi Coast Monza Racetrack, the Colosseum in Rome, and Venezia and Maranello, where you can find Ferrari. There is also fun for the whole family, electric go-karts, high-tech simulators, live shows, and a dazzling collection of racing items.

Hili Fun City

The park is near Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium of Abu Dhabi's Garden City Al Ain; Hili Fun City is approximately an hour and a half from Abu Dhabi's capital. It is a renowned family entertainment facility that first began operations in 1985 and was later transformed into the Arabian Gulf region's first theme park. The park is now renovated and modernized and has 28 activities for visitors. There's a family theatre with a show, play and picnic areas. In addition, there's an ice skating rink where you will need to pay AED10 to gain access. Otherwise, the all-inclusive rate for the park includes AED 60 per day between Wednesday and Saturday, and it is AED 30 on Tuesdays and Mondays. This price includes admission into the park as well as 25 attractions that are in the park. For young children, access is complimentary. The park closes on Wednesdays on Sundays, and Wednesdays are reserved for women.


It is situated on Yas Island; Clymb is open from 01:00 pm until 9:00 at. You can enjoy a whole day free of falling or climbing walls. Clymb is home to the world's most significant indoor skydiving space and the world's tallest indoor wall for climbing. It is a thrilling experience; Clymb is visited by locals and tourists from all over the globe. A complete indoor facility, the geometrically-designed building, houses a flight chamber that is 32-foot wide and 82-foot tall. Whether you're just three years old or a seasoned skydiver, Clymb's flight trainers Clymb will ensure that you enjoy the most enjoyable and safe experience. The facility caters to all types of adventurers. Guests of different proficiency levels can use the unique climbing wall. There are various climbing options for novices and advanced climbers who want to work themselves up to The Summit, the world's highest indoor climbing wall that is as tall as 141 feet. Other amenities on the premises are retail stores, fantastic eating options, and exclusive event space.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

 The park is situated on Yas Island. Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is a water park with Emirati tradition at its core. The central theme of this park revolves around the Lost Pearl, which follows the story of the young Emirati girl in search of an enigmatic pearl. The park's central point at the top of Jebel Dhana is a giant pearl, which echoes its theme. It is as big as 15 football pitches. You could spend all day in the park enjoying thrilling water-based activities that give you an adrenaline rush ideal for families with kids. You can try out Dawwamma, the world's first largest hydromagnetic-powered 780-foot-long, six-person tornado water slide. Also, look at the 9-foot high waves at Bubble's Barrel, the enormous surfable sheet wave that can be used for bodies and flow boards. Take a ride on this ride, Bandit Bomber, an 1804-foot tall roller coaster that features onboard laser and water effects that let riders shoot jets of water at targets, drop water bombs, and create special effects. You could spray the riders with water while you walk by if you're travelling by. There are a variety of restaurants on the site and the pearl-diving and souk exhibits.


Jebel Hafit Desert Park

 Find yourself in the middle of excitement and dive into the breathtaking landscape of Jebel Hafit's Desert Park, which has a rich past, situated at Al Ain. It is spread over a 9-kilometre stretch located at the foot of the rough Jebel Hafit, the Abu Dhabi's highest summit; you will have fun with your loved ones in this beautiful natural setting which is ideal for mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding and also exploring breathtaking archaeological and historical ruins that tell the story of the area's past habitation. Archaeological remains date back to the neolithic period that spans 8000 years ago to the 5500-year-old Jebel Hafit Tombs, which was discovered in 1959 at the direction of the head of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. In 2011, Jebel Hafit Desert Park declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first UAE World Heritage Site. The park is not just a repository for its rich history but also for the region. Still, it also preserves its natural beauty, allowing visitors to witness the beauty of this breathtaking landscape up close and learn about the changes it has experienced throughout millions of years. The park provides three camping experiences for visitors: basic camping, for which you will need the equipment you have - there are camping supplies that are cheap at the stores within Abu Dhabi city, and Al Ain fully-serviced camping with breakfast included, giving the experience of living in the traditional Bedouin tent—finally equipped 5-star bubble camping tents with air conditioning. The park is available from 08:00 am until 06:00 at night.


Circuit X Hudayriyat Mar Vista

It is located on Hudayriyat Mar Vista Island; Circuit X in Abu Dhabi is a fun and leisure area filled with thrills. Four parks are in one location, which provides all-hours entertainment, making it a favoured adventure for families within the UAE. The four parks in Circuit X comprise:

Splash Park: Your little child will have a wonderful time on this enchanting island, divided between wet and dry playing areas with splash fountains, the Pirate's Playground and a pool, as the dedicated coaches monitor them constantly. A child aged 1 to 3 years of age must be in the presence of either a parent or guardian and children aged 4 and older are allowed to be left in the park under supervision.

Skate Park: You don't have to be aware of your skateboarding abilities. The park features a skateboarding training space, street-style walls, handrails, threw bowls, bridges, ledges, and quarter pipes. There are coaches at hand to provide private lessons. You must, however, wear closed-toed footwear and helmets. The minimum age required to be in the park is five years old. The period from 08:00 to 10:00 pm is for children more than 13 years old.

BMX Park provides an exhilaration boost to riders of all levels. It is home to one of the enormous pumps made of asphalt in the entire UAE, apart from an asphalt trail with 15 corners, ramps, and hills. For advice and tips, it is possible to consult the trainers available. Also, wearing helmets and shoes that are closed is a must. The minimum age to enter is 7 years old, and only children above 12 years old can be admitted to the park with no supervision.

Ropes Park: The Ropes Park will take you up to new heights and gives you a stunning view of the breathtaking Abu Dhabi skyline, complete with an expansive view of the Persian Gulf. In Ropes Park, you can take on a three-level ropes course with 31 obstacles, the 328-foot-long zipline, 42-foot free-fall and 50-foot climbing walls. The park also has a Green Circuit recommended for children aged 7 and 10. In addition, the Blue Circuit is for children between the ages of 11 and 14, while its Black Circuit is for children who are 15 years old and over. It is required to wear closed-toed shoes when visiting the park.






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