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CHI Travel Membership: Something special for everyone

Why You Should Choose Your Holidays With CHI?

CHI collection owns and manages numerous resorts, hotels, and clubs throughout the world.


Our membership involves passage to luxury hotels & resorts. We offer customized holiday destinations from fabulous beaches to the hills, fitness clubs to penthouses, etc. One-stop solutions for a world-class holiday to crowded events, clubs, bars, restaurants, keeping in mind all the dimensions to great entertainment as well as the unexpected leisure.


The benefits of the CHI holiday ownership begins the moment you sign up for it.

Ticketing: Every great holiday starts with great ticketing. Now there is no need to surf every website to grab the best deal. Just contact the CHI holiday ownership expert to make it. We have partnered with a couple of travel portals to get you the competitive deals on the flights, trains, and bus tickets.

Explore like a local: Don’t feel alone, confused or scared when roaming a new city. Reason being our CHI holiday ownership expert will help you get your daily routines, rhythms and quirks of your home away from home. You will get there sooner than you may imagine. Try unique experience with yachting, scuba diving, snorkelling etc.

Round the globe inventory: Visit all the exotic locations such as Brazil, France, Venezuela, Spain, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Sri-Lanks, Singapore and so on. The benefits of the CHI holiday ownership program doesn’t end here. We also have customized premium membership for the users seeking cruise holidays, therapies during the stay, clubbing, wine luxury tour etc. Contact our CHI holiday ownership expert for more information.


A holiday is the best time to learn & explore unique things and to enjoy some action-packed activities. At CHI, we help you roll the ball. Have a taste of the adventures activities such as rafting, shooting, tree climbing, boating, rock climbing, trekking, paragliding, hiking, bungee jumping, kayaking with your friends and family members. Our CHI ownership expert will ensure that you have a memorable moment.

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