One of the most idealized of tourist destinations in India is the historically and aesthetically surreal town of Allahabad, now known as Prayagraj. Established on the banks of the religiously sacred Triveni Sangam or three-river confluence of the River Ganga, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati, Allahabad has been one of the most important places of Hindu pilgrimage where people from far and beyond come to take a dip in the holy waters of the Sangam and be freed from the cycle of rebirths. In fact, this is the cornerstone of tourism in Allahabad.

Apart from its religious and cultural significance, Allahabad is also the birthplace of the first and most revered of Indian Prime Ministers, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, whose home here, at a point of time in India’s pre-independence era, acted as the Headquarters of the Indian National Congress. With a trip to Allahabad, you can assimilate within you, the city’s ancient sensibilities that form the basis of Allahabad’s rich history. You will find the soul of this city that resides in the thousands of prayers whispered here during your Allahabad tour, and its timeless beauty that lies in the simple lifestyle lived by its people against the face of urbanization.

About the Destination

Allahabad has been like a religious centre for Hindu pilgrims travelling from cities and villages across the country. This happens because very close to Allahabad is the most remarkable Triveni Sangam, or three-river confluence of Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. Due to this strategic location, Allahabad has been conquered many times to become a part of many kingdoms, being named and renamed as times and regimes changed. Named “Prayag” since antiquity, the city was named “Kaushambi” by the Kuru rulers of Hastinapur (now present in the district of Meerut) only to be named “Allahabad” during Shah Jahan’s rule after Akbar named the area “ilahabas” meaning ‘abode of god’.

Tourist places in Allahabad


Triveni Sangam

Allahabad’s name has officially been changed to Prayagraj. However, it is nothing new for Indians, as for thousands of years, Indians have known it as Prayag, a term that comes from two Sanskrit words, “Pra-” meaning “first” and “-yag” for “Yagna”, meaning “sacred fire offering”. The riverbanks of the Sangam at Allahabad witness the most satisfying, significant gathering of Hindu pilgrims accumulating for the mass pilgrimage during both the “Kumbha Mela” and “Ardh-Kumbha Mela”. Allahabad holiday packages available online at Veena World make sure to cover the city’s waterfront, ensuring that you see the grand Sangam region in person.


In India, history becomes one with the legends and myths from the epics and other holy texts in such a way that you’ll be left wondering what to believe and what not to. One such legend is living in Allahabad/Prayagraj – the Akshayavat, a centuries-old sacred fig tree on the banks of the Sangam, as mentioned in the Matsya Purana. Akshayavat’s backstory has many more divine instances which you can explore on your vacation in Allahabad. With your Allahabad tour package, make sure to visit this tree as it is one of the most spiritual tourist places in Allahabad.

Allahabad Fort

Allahabad was Prayag until the Mughal Emperor Akbar landed his feet here in 1575 and named the city “ilahabas” which means “abode of God” and commissioned a fort to be constructed here due to the region’s strategic location. However, he ended up repairing the remnants of the ruined fort already there, which was built like two millenniums ago, by the Maurya Emperor, Ashoka. When the fort was built, it was an exemplary construction commissioned by Emperor Akbar, for its skilled architectural design, construction, and craftsmanship. Today, the fort has been opened by Allahabad Tourism as one of the tourist places.

Khusro Bagh

Among the most popular places to visit in Allahabad, Khusro Bagh is a large Mughal garden that is, in one word, spectacular. The quadrangular gardens in the centre contains the three tombs of the Mughal emperor Jahangir’s first wife, a Rajput Kachwaha princess, Manbhawati Bai who was later known by her royal title, Shah Begum and her son, Jahangir’s firstborn, Khusrao Mirza, the ill-fated prince, along with Jahangir’s daughter, Nisar Begum, whose tomb is the most beautifully sculpted of the three.

Anand Bhavan

Anand Bhavan is the historical Nehru homestead, now turned into a museum by Allahabad Tourism. It was bought in the 1930s by the Nehru family patriarch, Motilal Nehru to serve as his family residence when their previous home, the former Anand Bhavan, was converted into the headquarters of the Indian National Congress. The beautifully decorated mansion has played an important role in India’s independence as many freedom fighters conglomerated here from time to time to plot their plan of action to push the imperial British rulers out of the country, adhering to the non-violence agenda advocated by Mahatma Gandhi.

Swaraj Bhavan

A place that you are very likely to visit during your Allahabad tour, the Swaraj Bhavan used to be the ancestral home of the Nehru family, with the name “Anand Bhavan”. This is a much larger mansion than their later residence, with a total of 42 rooms and a lot more memorabilia from the time it served as the headquarters of the INC. It is currently a museum open to the public and is managed by the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund established in New Delhi. If you’re interested in India’s struggle for independence, this is definitely one of the places to visit in Allahabad while you’re there.

Alfred Park

Now referred to as Chandrasekhar Azad Park, Alfred Park in the Georgetown locality of Allahabad should be an important part of your Allahabad tour package itinerary. Marking Prince Alfred’s visit to Allahabad in 1870, this is the largest park in the city and an important highlight of Allahabad tourism. Outside this park, you can move on to visit the scenic neighbourhoods of the city, like Tagore Town and Civil Lines that have come down directly from British times. There is also the University of Allahabad which is one of the first modern universities to be established in the country.

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