Bhutan is a land of tradition, culture and mythological mysteries. Yet, one of the most memorable factors of this land are its people that leave a mark right in the heart, merely by a soft stroke of warm smiles. The perfect combination of these highlights will be a part of every Bhutan tour packages. Bhutan’s architecture, landscape and the prominent attractions are like no other in this world! The Land of Dragons has left every visitor spell-bound, as each one’s visit is completely different than the other. Here at Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites, we handcraft one of the must-have experiences into Bhutan travel packages. Awaiting experience of pleasant greetings of fresh mountain air, clean roads, zero pollution, zero traffic, a simple yet beautiful culture and happy, content people lies in Bhutan. Straight out of a fable, this mystic kingdom stands as of the best choices for a honeymoon, with our customized Bhutan honeymoon packages. This deep-rooted Buddhist land will let you witness a lot of monks and their disconnected yet a deeply connected lifestyle. Abundant natural beauty, breath-taking landscapes, magnificent monasteries, ancient Buddhist temples, fluttering prayer flags and smiling faces of the Bhutanese people make the Bhutan holiday packages a completely enchanted experience!

The Culture

Inspired by its neighbours and especially with a strong influence of Tibet, the culture of Bhutan is purely divine which can be explored with Fortune Holidays Inn & Suite’s Bhutan travel packages available online. The pride of their ancient culture and traditions is so strongly rooted in the hearts of the Bhutanese people that they present it happily in and around their life. Along with our affordably priced Bhutan tour packages notice how even their houses are decorated with prayer flags everywhere. The culture of Bhutan is very colourful and is observed in their traditions. The colours of their culture can add up a whole new shade in your new beginning with our Bhutan honeymoon packages.