Situated amidst the Thar Desert, Bikaner is a city that will mesmerize you with camels sauntering among the beautiful sand dunes and allure you with its ancient palaces and forts. Well deserving to be known as one of the three great desert kingdoms of Rajasthan, the vibrant city boasts of opulent Havelis and an old-world charm that depicts a pleasing bygone era of the royal Rajputs. Famously known as the 'camel country' for breeding some best-known riding camels, Bikaner tourist places also include one of the only two models of the biplanes used in World War 1 by the British.

Bikaner’s magnificence in art, culture and architecture fills the land with festivity, colour, and cultural marvels. A Desert Safari in the sand dunes, which is included in most Bikaner city tours at affordable costs, along with Bikaner’s famous International Camel festival draws tourists from the world over. Your holidays in Bikaner will also introduce you to delicacies like Bhujia, Thandai, Dal Baati, gatte ki sabzi, etc. Besides that, you are going to have a great time shopping for fascinating Ivory and Lacquer items. Also, witnessing the immense heritage of the area as showcased in wall paintings and the art and crafts in the city will be a sight to remember!

Introduction: About the place

A city tour of Bikaner takes you through the vibrant and dust-swirling desert town adorned by fabulous forts, the tantalizing Thar, dreamy desert safaris, and excitingly energising outpost feel! The beauty of the desert and its stunning golden sand dunes are a sight that makes it one of the most popular tourist places in Bikaner. As you tour Bikaner, you will be amazed by the grandiose of the spectacular forts and palaces, and also learn about the opulent lifestyle of the rulers in the past. What’s surprising is how well-built these forts are that even after so many years of their construction, they have withstood the passage of time and still stand tall, unspoiled as one of the major highlights of Bikaner tourism. Apart from the historical vestiges, the other major attractions of the Bikaner tourism revolve around the Thar Desert and the city’s exceptional cuisine that can be experienced with the rightly priced Bikaner tour package available online at Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites.

Experience Bikaner

The animated and dynamic culture of Bikaner will give you a glimpse of the city’s tradition, people, and practices. People are highly fond of their culture and they love dressing in their traditional dresses – Ghaghra-choli for women, while the men wear the dhoti and kurta. You will also find most men donning a “Pagdi” on an everyday basis. Hinduism is the most followed religion, and the language you will find people communicating in is Rajasthani. However, Hindi is also a language that most are well-versed with. Apart from that, what Bikaner also has is a delectable cuisine! Most of the food items are either prepared in butter or buttermilk. Some of the delicacies that you must try during your tour of Bikaner, at prices that will leave you astounded, are:

• Dal baati churma


• Gatte ki sabzi


• Kheechdi


• Chana dal pakode


• Chaanch and Thandai

A hugely popular festival in Bikaner is the “International Camel Festival”. Involving a flamboyant parade and procession of decked-up camels, it is then followed by events like- camel rides, camel races and the performing of folk songs and dances. The city is also a hub for Meenakari work (ornamental stonework), carpet weaving and miniature painting. Our Bikaner holiday packages, with affordable costs, will enable you to explore fully the beauty of this wonderful city called Bikaner!