Aptly called ‘The City Beautiful,’ Chandigarh is a pleasant little city located at the foothills of Shivalik Hills. Designed by Le Corbusier, a Swiss architect, the city has tree-lined roads, avant-garde buildings, and low-rise houses instead of sky-high structures.

The iconic Capitol Complex is one of the highlights of the city that must form a part of your Chandigarh sightseeing itinerary. It houses the major government buildings and the iconic Open Hand sculpture that is designed by Le Corbusier himself. The serene Sukhna Lake is another place that must form a part of your Chandigarh vacation, a relaxing spot by the calm waters as you watch the sun go down. Another place you can go on your Chandigarh tour is Sector 17 which is a shopper’s delight. Last but not least, your Chandigarh trip is incomplete without the charming Rock Garden where you find striking sculptures made of waste materials.

About the Destination

India’s very first planned city, Chandigarh is beautifully designed and seems to beguile you with its lush greenery and contemporary architecture. It is a union territory which is both the capital of Haryana and Punjab. A natural charmer, the city is home to several gorgeous gardens, bewitching boulevards, and mesmerizing monuments, each brilliant in their own understated way.

Chandigarh is a comfortable city to visit, and has tourist places that are easy to reach. However, the best way to tour the city is with an online Chandigarh tour package at Veena World which ensures that you don’t miss out on the important places in the city. You can go for an online Chandigarh tour package according to price/costing you want and Voila! Your Chandigarh trip gets thoroughly planned in just a few minutes.

Experience Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a cosmopolitan city that is pedestrian-friendly and is divided into sectors. When you visit Chandigarh, you see nature co-existing with modernization in the most natural way possible. A Chandigarh tour package takes you through the various facets of the city that still looks in its prime. For restaurants and shops, sector 17 is where you should head to. For hotels, sector 22 is the place to go. To fully experience Chandigarh, your tour should be composed of these iconic places without which your Chandigarh holiday or vacation is incomplete:

1. Rock Garden

If your jaw doesn’t drop at various sightseeing places of Chandigarh, wait till you reach the Rock Garden. Built by a local transport official called Nek Chand, the Rock Garden will undoubtedly be the best part of your Chandigarh trip package. Nek Chand spent around 20 years of his life making more than 2000 sculptures with the help of debris, stones, and junk which were actually the leftovers of the 50 villages that were demolished to make the present-day Chandigarh. The materials used in the garden include steel drums, light switches, bicycle frames, terracotta scrap, cracked bathroom sinks, and many other similar items.

2. Watch the sunset or sunrise at Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake that doubles as a spot where you can relax and loaf around to your heart’s content. The lake also has a children’s fairground, ornamental gardens, and pedal boats for rides in the lake’s waters. It is one of those sightseeing places of Chandigarh that is ideal for catching the perfect sunrise or sunset.

3. Capitol Complex

If you wish to visit the Secretariat, Vidhan Sabha, and the High Court that both the states of Haryana and Punjab share, one stop of your Chandigarh tour must be the Capitol Complex. All three of these buildings quickly take hold of your senses with their bold geometrical lines and fascinating designs. You can visit the complex as a part of a group tour, which will also take you to the Open Hand sculpture, Chandigarh’s emblem. Also, when you visit the high court, try to make a quick stop at the High Court Museum which displays judicial memorabilia.