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The Culture

Art, culture, museums, monuments, cities, festivals, tours, cuisine and nature, name it and Germany has it all! Land famed for its beer and history, is something that will leave you surprised at every instance. Germany contributed a lot in the history of Europe as a whole, thereby building its own immortal legacy. The country of Germany has given the world many remarkable intellectuals, politicians, scientists, musicians and more! The popular title of Germany as engraved in history, ‘Das Land der Dichter und Denker’ which translates to ‘the country of poets and thinkers,’ is truly what the country is all about. Along with poetry and philosophy, Germany made a mark in the history which cannot be erased. From its victorious embarks to dark scars, Germany has caught the world in surprise since centauries. Now, it is a country of feasts with celebrations of festivals such as Oktoberfest, where they flaunt their love of beer and the art of brewing! The country of happy people has so much to offer and showcase when it comes to art, culture and traditions