Located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior is a historic city that is particularly popular for its hilltop fort. On a visit to the city, you can see glorious temples and striking palaces shrouding it in a majestic charm. The plush Jai Vilas Palace reminds you of the eminent royalty that the city had once witnessed.

History buffs and culture enthusiasts are drawn to this place for its fascinating monuments and museums. Apart from visiting the iconic structures of the place, one gets to savour the popular local delicacies of the place or go for an exciting boat ride in the Tigra Dam too.

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About the Destination

Gwalior is one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh. Regarded as a historical place, the city is known for its monuments, temples, and various other important structures. Offering an interesting spectrum of places to visit, a tour of Gwalior city is enough for a close brush with history. On a trip to Gwalior, it is customary to explore the city in its true essence. The place has always been on the radar of tourists especially because of the Hindu temples and ancient forts that the city is known for. Apart from the iconic buildings in the city, travellers also visit the markets Patankar Bazar and Sarafa Bazar for shopping. In all, the city is a magnet for the patrons of history, art, and architecture.

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Experience Gwalior

When you visit the city, you get to see an interesting mix of traditional and modern values. The majority of the population in the city is of Hindus. If you visit the city during one of the major festivals, you will get to see people dressed in their traditional attires with women wearing silk sarees and men wearing a long kurta pyjama complete with a turban. Another interesting fact about the city of Gwalior is that the legendary musician Tansen was from this city.