Honeymoon – Cochin


Also known as “Kochi”, this city earned its sobriquet as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” in an era gone by. The popularity of Cochin tour packages among various kinds of travellers cannot be denied as a trip to Cochin has a lot to offer for everyone. The city is one of the major port hubs of South India and has a trading history that dates back to at least 500 years. Apart from this, the city is also a prominent financial and industrial capital of Kerala. One of the best things about Kochi is the fact that the city proudly boasts of the beautiful blend of the modern era and traditional culture, a fact that you will be able to witness for yourself with affordably priced online Cochin holiday packages available at Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites.

The city doesn’t lag when it comes to enchanting its visitors with the beauty of nature. Now, with cost-effective tour packages for Cochin, it has become easier for everyone to soak in the beautiful blend that the city has to offer to each and every person that plans their Cochin trip.

On holidays in Kochi, you can see an influence from the likes from the Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, and of course, the British that directly or indirectly ruled the city in the gone-by decades. Apart from this, Kochi is also turning out to be a fast-growing and evolving software hub in the country. Adding to this, a trip to Kochi will also let you experience the beautiful backwaters of the city, the heritage monuments, and the mesmeric sandy beaches which make up for the picturesque setting of the city.

About the Destination

A holiday in Kochi will give you an insight into what the history of the city is all about. Cochin not only has a beautiful natural setting, but also a magnificent history that predates to 1102 AD when the historical Kulasekhara Dynasty was broken; giving rise to the city Cochin. In the 15th Century, Pedro Álvares Cabral, a Portuguese navigator, came up with the first European settlement in India. The Portuguese ruled in Kochi till the year 1663. This is when the Dutch came into power and ruled over Kochi until Hyder Ali, the King of Mysore conquered the city in 1173. However, in the year 1814, King Hyder Ali gave up on this throne and handed it over to the British.

Around the year 1920, Robert Bristow – a harbour engineer transformed the city of Cochin into one of India’s safest harbours under the guidance of Lord Willingdon, who was then the Governor of Madras. Having said this, during your sightseeing tour of Cochin, you will also come across Willingdon Island – an artificial island which is the Naval Base of the Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. After India’s independence in the year 1947, Cochin became the first princely state to merge with the Indian Union willingly. Kerala was formed in the year 1956, shortly after which the Cochin Corporation came into effect. Over the years, the city of Cochin has seen tremendous growth in commercialisation and simultaneously a rapid increase in its economy as well as the popularity of sightseeing tours of Cochin. Today, the city is one of the most important commercial hubs of South India and vacation packages to Kochi are quite popular today.