Las Vegas


Welcome to the most vibrant city and the entertainment capital of the World. Las Vegas is popularised as the land of 24-hour casinos and other countless entertainment options! Right from exceptional cityscapes to colourful lifestyles, Las Vegas is full of endless options that will leave the travellers spoilt for choice along with our Las Vegas travel packages. Traverse through the iconic sightseeing of the city and experience the life at American party capital land ‘Las Vegas.’ An architectural and culturally advanced masterpiece of the world, reflecting future and lively marvels all at the same place, Las Vegas has always grabbed the undivided attention of the travellers. Travel to this city to explore, frame your travel story and have your own versions of American Diaries. While looking for Las Vegas holiday packages, look for something that gives you a true insight of this land. Explore this majestic country with our Las Vegas vacation packages. Visit the best places with the liveliest attractions and feel the excitement at each location. The ideology of exploring, celebrating travel is brought to reality along with Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites’s intricately handcrafted Las Vegas tour packages.

The Geography and Seasons

Located in the Southern California city, Las Vegas is a resort city in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. The geographical location of this city makes it a point that you look forward to travel with our Las Vegas travel packages. The pleasant atmosphere of this land is one of the most notable features. At Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites, we trace out our Las Vegas holiday packages based on the same significance. While looking for Las Vegas vacation packages available online, don’t be surprised if you land up on our carefully handcrafted tour packages.