Thanks to its Portuguese influences, Macanese culture and the Macao lifestyle is a very exclusive one which blends ancient Chinese history with new-age European influences in its array of artistic, cultural, cuisine and sporting events.

European influences can be seen throughout the city’s sporting and culinary calendars. The Macau Grand Prix is a world-renowned sporting event that draws crowds from around the world. The Macao International Film Festival as well as the Street Food Festival Macao, also showcase the cities best European-inspired influences.

Macao’s Chinese roots can be seen in some of the city’s historic sites. A-Ma Temple, built in 1488, and the Na Tcha Temple, built in 1888, are must see historic sites just to name a few. A whopping twenty-five sites scattered across Macao are considered UNESCO world-heritage sites, showing the nations deep commitment to its ancient architectural roots.

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