Maharashtra is the second most populous, and the third-largest state in India. It houses some of the most prominent cosmopolitan centers, as well as cultural hubs of the nation. Maharashtra tour packages are quite popular as they enable people to experience an excellent amalgamation of modern city life and the traditional, Indian heritage and culture.

The colonial architecture, shopping centers, movie industry, beautiful beaches, and active nightlife are some of the key highlights of holiday and even honeymoon packages in Maharashtra. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and religiously significant structures present in this state as well. Maharashtra houses an array of colorful shrines, an intriguing collection of ancient caves, as well as emerald hill stations belonging to the lush Western Ghats and hence is an ideal vacation destination for any type of traveller.

Things to Do in Maharashtra

People should make sure that their Maharashtra tour package itinerary features the top attractions of this state while planning their tour so they can make the most out of their trip. Here are some of the major tourist sites in the state you can visit on a Maharashtra tour package:

Elephant’s Head Point:

This is a part of a mountain in Mahabaleshwar that uncannily resembles the shape of the head of an elephant. This site is often referred to as the needlepoint as well. The scenic beauty surrounding the hill-top and its pleasant atmosphere make it an integral destination for most honeymoon packages in Maharashtra.

Gateway of India:

This is an extremely prominent monument that was constructed in 1924. This structure was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai, then known as Bombay. The looming Gateway of India is the very first structure that people see when approaching the city of Mumbai via boat.

Ajanta Caves:

This is basically a grand complex featuring approximately thirty Buddhist caves. These caves are beautifully carved out of rocks. The Ajanta Caves date back to the 2nd century and are famed for being a brilliant reflection of ancient Indian art and architecture. These caves have been marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and feature a host of intriguing murals, paintings, and carvings on their walls.

Arthur’s Seat:

Located at a height of 1470 meters, this is one most prominent hill points in India. Arthur’s seat of Mahabaleshwar provides visitors with spectacular panoramic views of the Konkan and Deccan valleys, as well as the Savitri River. This tourist site also has a very unique feature, which is that if someone throws a lightweight item from its top, it comes back up due to the air pressure.

Elephanta Caves:

These impressive rock-cut caves of Mumbai feature intriguing sculptures and artwork. The main cave in the Elephanta Cave complex is devoted to Lord Shiva. The caves are also famed for providing a great example of ancient Hindu and Buddhist iconography.


Nestled amidst the five hills of Sahyadri Mountains, this is a hill station popular for its hypnotizing beauty. The Krishna River flows near Panchgani, augmenting its charm and aesthetics.