Landlocked in between India and Tibet, Nepal is a well-known name for Mount Everest, rich, diverse culture along with the panoramic view of the Himalayas.

The holy, mystical land of Nepal that holds the mysteries of nature, mankind and mountains is a land-locked nation between Tibet and India. The birthplace of Buddha and the shrine of holy temples build a significant aura around this country. Encompassing the amalgamation of the cultures of its neighbour, Nepal is easily the most heart throbbing experiences awaiting right next to India. The perfect Nepal tour packages include all the flavours of this country! Be it the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Himalayas or the centuries-old ancient Hindu temples, the lush green rainforests or the quaint Buddhist monasteries, Nepal is a travel experience for anyone and everyone. Here at Veena World, we trace the Nepal holiday packages based on the experiences that this country holds to offer. Abode of Mt. Everest is here where life begins and comes to a full circle. The trails of Everest, a mountaineers dream and a trekker’s goal, all welcome the energetic travellers to explore our Nepal travel packages to find their match to quench their adventure thirst. We use our passionate unrivalled knowledge to design your perfect mystical vacation!