South Africa


South Africa is an adventurous hub for many travellers. It is a true calling for anyone who wishes for a close encounter with wilderness! The land is blessed with people of earth, who remind us of the birth of humankind and welcome you to a cultural drift and a new perception of life. Consider this intriguing factor while looking for South Africa tour packages from India! At Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites, we understand the core nature of this epic land, based on which we hand stitch our itineraries into unique South Africa tour packages. Explore the rawness of humanity which co-exists along with the wildlife and brings the abundant jungles to life with any of our holiday packages for South Africa. The experience of being in the laps of wilderness, just as we see it on Discovery and National Geographic channels, can get no better than being in this land along with our South Africa tour packages. The geographical variety of the landscapes of this land is the most distinguished factor of all. Be a part of an unforgettable travel story with us to the ‘Rainbow Nation’ and relish our legacy to travel, explore and celebrate life!

The Geography and Seasons

Known for being the southernmost tip of Africa, South Africa occupies a coastline that stretches more than 2,500 kilometres right from the desert border of Namibia at the western coast, running southwards around the tip of Africa to the border of Mozambique in the northeast. The holiday packages for South Africa highlight the significant features of the South African climate. The country does not really experience four distinct seasons. Throughout South Africa the transitional seasons of autumn and spring tend to be very short. Most of the climate analysis is done using the assumption that January is mid-summer and July mid-winter. Fortune Holidays Inn & Suites’s affordably priced South Africa travel packages let you explore the seasonal benefits of this land. Traverse into this land along with our South Africa holiday packages from India available online, to live a vacation which cannot be compared with any other!