Posted On : March 09, 2021

Left Something on the Flight Here's How to Get It Back.

The question "what do you leave on an airplane?" is one that many people ask, and it's not always as simple as a bumper sticker or a security tag. There are some things you definitely shouldn't leave on an airplane, and there are some things you should leave on the plane, depending on where you're headed.

Inform the Crew if Travelling with Expensive Belongings

You should never leave money or valuables on the plane with your family, even for a night. The only exception to this rule is traveling with someone who does have something valuable in the luggage. If you do find something of value in your luggage, however, you should contact the airline very quickly so that they can look for a replacement. They don't usually replace expensive jewelry or coins, but they replace money or items that are extremely valuable to the traveler.

Don’t Hide Anything in Underwear

Do not leave things in your underwear while traveling on an airline.  It isn't only against airline policy; it's also against the law. Although you may think that leaving underwear in your suitcase is okay, airlines won't let you do it; they have to check to see if the material in the underwear is prohibited. If it is, they will either strip your underwear or send you to your cabin to remove it. Of course, it results in a trip to the airport to return your underwear.

Avoid Travelling with Keychains or Sharp Objects

Don't leave something on your keychain or in your purse. While it's generally not considered a real item, there's no telling what could happen; you wouldn't want someone to snatch it while you're walking through the terminal or waiting for your flight. If you have to leave a thing in your pocket or handbag, wrap it in a plastic bag or put it in your shoes before walking out the door. Don't put anything in your shoes; you'll be shocked how many things fly out of your shoes as you're walking down the plane aisle.

Avoid Travelling with Medicines for No Reason

Don't take prescription drugs that are not approved for travel. If you've been prescribed medication for any condition, even if it's for a mild case, it's not worth taking onto a flight. Most medications require some prescription before you can legally purchase them. If you decide to take these medications, be sure you bring them to the check-in counter with you. Many travelers have been caught making their flights with prescription drugs and had to pay large fines. If you need a prescription for any medication, by all means, contact your doctor and get a hold of the necessary papers to fill out before traveling.

Don't try to sneak your Cialis out of your vagina while on board. Although it may seem like a good idea, this is illegal and highly dangerous. You never know when security will be aware of you trying to sneak a Cialis (and a few other drugs) onto the plane, and if they do, they may grab it from your body. If you leave anything on the plane that you wouldn't want anyone to know about, please be very discreet in its hiding place. You don't want your underwear being seen, and you don't want your underwear showing up in your hotel room after you're gone for the night.


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