Posted On : November 19, 2020

Pick another path and consider a different road in Assam

Pick another path and consider a different road in Assam

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Take a look at wonderful Nameri National Park birds, Assam.

The fastest living species – the peregrine falcon – is seen by birders from all over to Assam's National Park at speeds up to 389kph. But the white-winged wood duck, a species that is considered currently endangered by the IUCN red list, is much more eager to spot. But it may take days to find one, which may mean that you skip hundreds of others, estimated at around 380. And this is the pleasure of wandering in this lovely forest – a combination of thick, moist-decisively and semi-green plants, intersected with the cane, bamboo, and swaths of Tora-peat. This jute-like plant is a favorite of elephants. And this is not just the leaf birds, orioles, sparrows, and flycatchers. A close neck when you gaze through large trees at horns, nuthatches, burgers, minivans, and woodpeckers will be the most challenging obstacle. Nameri also offers a more comfortable birding alternative; the advantage is an inclusion of an entirely new group of animals on the water at a raft on the Kameng River. Ibisbill and the precious golden mahseer are the most striking of the lot. Nameri is the location for you, fish, or fowl.

Authentic Cuisine- PITHA 

Pitha is a traditional rice pan, crepe, or cake common in eastern and northeast India in the winter months. They may be baked, slow-roasted, steamed or rolled in a hot pan, usually made of Rice flour (and sometimes wheat). Pithas are popular as a snack or breakfast item. Sweet or savory components can fill them. The Assamese pitha is specially made Bora, or xaali saul is called glutinous rice, packed with sesame seeds, soil Cocos, dried orange rind, jaggery.

Things to do Kaziranga National Park

In 1904 there were around 200, of which about two-thirds were residents of the park's 2400 single-horned rhinos. You will want to prevent elephant safaris from coping with animal wellness issues. Kaziranga offers famous 4WD safaris, which allow you to get closer to rhinos and other large mammals. Safaris are accessible in four of the five park regions. They offer the best wildlife sightings and provide the largest number of safaris in the central Kohora and western Bagori zones.Each visited area has its gates, with entrance ticket offices and jeep rental nearby. There are various hotel options for their guests and safari jeeps (usually for an additional few hundred rupees). They pick you up).

Talatal Ghar

The Palace of Talatal Ghar, built by King Rudra Singha, was the Ahom capital building's heart. It initially had a 7-level structure constructed during the 1750s on a former wooden palace. The house included three underground (including secret tunnels for escape). Two higher-ground survivors will visit with labyrinthine galleries and a completely flat roof with a variety of pavilions. The ruins of Talatal Ghar can be easily seen in combination with the neighboring Rang Ghar about 4 km south of the central Sivasagar on the AT Rd.

The Gola Ghar, an imposing building with a vaulted roof that is thought to have been the royal armor, is left when you enter it. A temple community reminiscent of the city's people besides the Sivasagar Tank, presided by a great Joydol, dedicated to Vishnu and founded between 1696 and 1714, is situated on the northeast bank of Joy Sagar, 1 km to the south of the Talatal Ghar.






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