Posted On : March 15, 2022

Unexplored Destinations Of India That Should Be On The List Of Every Travel

If you want to get away from the typical tourist destinations and experience a more adventurous side of India, it is necessary to visit some of the country's unexplored destinations. These places are often less popular than the traditional ones, but they will provide a unique experience for the tourists. In addition to offering a different experience, they are also worth visiting if you're looking for a place with minimal crowds.

If you're interested in nature, the town of Kanchenjunga in Himachal Pradesh is a must-visit. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and lush greenery, this town is a little heaven on earth. Though not as well known as Shimla and Manali, this region offers a unique experience and is worth checking off your list.

If you're into wildlife, you should consider visiting the Hemis valley, a village four kilometres southeast of Leh. Despite being a small town, Hemis is the perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts. In addition to beautiful landscapes, there are antelopes, bears, and Indian Wolves. You'll also get to observe some of the animals and birds that call this region home.

Aside from the Himalayan mountain range, other unexplored destinations in India are home to some unique tribes. For example, you can visit the ApaTani tribe in Ziro Valley. You'll be able to experience the serene atmosphere that comes with pine hills, rice fields, and pleasant weather. A trip to these places will make you want to return.

For those looking for peace, there are numerous unexplored destinations in India. You can stay on a mountaintop and view the mountains or head down to the icy waters of the Brahmaputra. You can also go skiing, which is a popular activity in Auli. During the winter, this mountain turns into a white sheet. You can join ski courses in Auli, which is best visited between January and March.

The majestic Himalayas are a spectacular sight and will take your breath away. Andretta, an artist village in India, is a beautiful village surrounded by thick forests. There are ancient ruins in Chaukori, and you can visit the temples and towns here. It's a must-visit for nature lovers. A trip to this mystical land will be an adventure you'll never forget.

Many other unexplored destinations in India should be on every traveller's bucket list. For instance, in the Himalayas, the hamlet of Shojha is the world's largest deltaic island. It is the cradle of Assames civilization and is a truly unique experience. A visit here is a great way to get an authentic taste of the culture and traditions of the locals.

Mawlynnong: This new village is considered the cleanest village in Asia. Its streets and houses are well-maintained and boast spotless interiors. Meadows and evergreen forests also surround the villagers. It's one of the top unexplored places in North India. This place is rich in greenery and is perfect for hiking.

Lunglei: This unexplored destination in Mizoram is a beautiful valley with breathtaking views. It is best explored by road and is a must for nature lovers. Many activities in Lunglei will appeal to travellers. A scenic trek along the rivers and lakes will take you through a forest filled with wildlife. It is also an ideal place for a family outing with the kids.

Odisha is another state that should be on your list of travel destinations in India. This state has diverse terrain and has little tourism infrastructure. The state's interior is a dense forest and a hilly region with mineral-rich soils. It is home to numerous aboriginal and multicultural communities. A trip to this area will allow you to see some of these fascinating places.





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